1. You are not helping.

  4. hand dyed race back tank, double face wool pants, leather lace acrylic hand bag. 

  5. Suspiria inspired walls in my new apartment

  6. My newly adopted 13 year old sphinx.

  7. Nevermind it’s a remake the original is much more lush. 

  8. wmagazine:

    At the premiere of Woody Allen‘s new film ‘Blue Jasmine,’ Cate Blanchett’s Balenciaga dress blended couture-like elegance with off-kilter proportions.

    I think this is a Balenciaga from 1967

  9. More Sketching

  10. hand drawn repeat print 

  12. Turban for day two of the Jazz Age Lawn Party 

  14. I held this iconic Yohji Yamamoto hat in real life. This one is slightly different from the one in the Nick Knight photograph.

  15. Vivienne Westwood Voyage to Cythera Winter 1989